• Trigenics – a JAB specialism

    Owner Andrew Wong Kee is one of only two people in Hong Kong qualified to use the trigenics technique. 


    What is trigenics?

    Trigenics is the manipulation of the nervous system

    It controls the functions of the muscle. Your muscle is either on or off; overactive or underactive; weak or tight.

    How do you use this technique to treat pain?

    I can instantly assess a problem and expose it within a minute. I can give instant length to a tight muscle or strengthen a weak muscle.

    It’s like a computer, I can rewire the nervous system. It’s a manual technique on the muscle or spinal chord.

    When did you start using this technique?

    About six years ago. I took courses in Montreal and Australia. It was invented by a chiropractor 10-15 years ago. It gives people instant pain relief. I’m one of only two people in Hong Kong who can do this and I was one of the first 15 trainers in the world.

    What kind of reactions do you get?

    People are always blown away by it. I can test a muscle by pushing down on it – they can see how weak it is. Then I ask the client to do a special deep breathing exercise, I use a specific movement and manipulation 3-6 times and that’s it – they can see how strong it is because I can no longer push down on it.

    It’s hard to describe, but the people who’ve had pain relieved are the best advocates.

    Is it right for me?

    It’s always worth exploring – give me a phone and come in for a chat.

    Call +852 2851 6684

    [email protected]

    Or come in:

    U/G and 5th Floor Kimley Commercial Building

    142-146 Queens Road Central HONG KONG


    JAB Amelia comp


    1 over 18s only

    2 you may post as many times as you like

    3 winner will be picked at random at 12 noon on Sunday 18 October

    4 no cash alternative

    5 winner has 6 months (until 18 April) to claim their three, hour-long sessions

    6 this competition is run by JAB MMA. The winner will be picked at random by the owner and his decision is final.

  • BioSignature – a case study


    RICH* has been a loyal member of JAB for a number of years and recently tried the BioSignature programme – with fantastic results

    How did you discover BioSignature?

    It was mentioned to me at the gym. I had been training hard but while the results were very good, my diet needed addressing.

    What were your particular goals?

    Increased health! More energy and education on diet deficiencies

    Which supplements did you take?




    Folic acid

    Cod liver oil

    Adrenal support

    Various others but I can’t remember!

    Were you surprised by the results?

    Yes I was! I saw long term diet improvements and I have an increased awareness of what’s sensible and what’s not.

    What was the hardest part?

    Remembering to take my supps and not to eat eggs as I was intolerant to them. Sleep was a big issue. I have young children and a pretty long working day so it’s difficult for me to get the sensible 8 hours sleep, often it’s 6 and more often than not it’s a broken 5 hours sleep.

    How did Andrew help you?

    He offered encouragement, balanced advice, sensible thoughts and questions

    Would you recommend BioSignature?

    Yes, it changes your lifestyle for the better

    Andrew Wong Kee, owner at JAB, has been offering Biosignature for five years.

    “For me it’s a matter of keeping your finger on the pulse and finding the practices that are going to give you the edge. This was it for me. It’s just another tool for a trainer to have. When you can have a tool that’s precise and gives fast results, that’s what people want,” he said.

    “Most people who come to me are referrals, so they have seen the results. Others have to be educated about the method and its success to see if they would be interested.

    “I get everybody doing it because it’s a measuring tool. They can choose a basic supplement package or go for the full personalized assessment.

    Some people are not into supplements and that’s fine. I would normally redflag problem areas and tell them which supplements help with that and ask them if they would try it for a month. I’ll measure them every week and they can judge for themselves.

    A protocol is one month and they will get results within that one month. It’s all based on honesty – people lie but numbers don’t!”


    Come and speak to Andrew at the gym or give him a call:

    +852 2851 6684 

    *Rich has asked we don’t use his full name – we’re happy to oblige, he’s kind of a big deal and we love having him at the gym!

  • 10 things to look for in a Personal Trainer


    Investing in a personal trainer is a big decision and a financial commitment – but it can be life-changing. We’ve spoken to lots of clients and friends to help compile a top 10 list to help you choose the right one.

    1 Experience

    It’s the first thing employers look for and should be the first question you ask too. What brought them to personal training? What qualifications do they have? You may prefer to work with someone with years of experience with a variety of customers or you may prefer a specialist, but you need to ask to find out!

    “I’d want a PT who likes the same sports as me, so they can help me train appropriately,” T Barter

    “They have to know nutrition too, you can’t do one without the other,” S Sugden

    2 Intuition

    The clue is in the title – your trainer is personal to you, so they need to get you. They need to understand what’s going to work specifically for you, not just treat you like every other client.

    “A good PT shouldn’t look at areas of the fitness industry through a straw. They need to understand that the physical body is only one area and there are other dimensions of the human body that need to be considered like the mind and spirit. They are all interlinked.” A Wong Kee, JAB MD

    3 Communication

    You need to clearly express what you want to get out of the relationship and your PT needs to take the time to explain the process. Good lines of communication will be key so that you always feel you can ask questions.

    “Today’s lifestyle creates high levels of stress and toxicity, so our aim is to increase awareness first and then get agreements that the client will take active steps in reducing those areas red flagged.” – A Wong Kee, JAB’s MD.

    4 Flexibility

    While personal training sessions are a commitment, there has to be some form of flexibility for when life gets in the way. Make sure you’re clear on any conditions, like cancellation policies.

    “I’m pretty busy, work isn’t just 9-5 for me, I might need to reschedule, so I’d need my trainer to understand that,” T Barter

    5 Location

    Where you train can have a big impact on how you train. Be open to discussing which setting and equipment will be best for helping you reach your goals.

    “I love how targeted you can be with the gym equipment, I feel like my workout there really makes every second count,” K McAllister

    6 Price

    Value for money is always key, so choose carefully. Some trainers are happy to simply design a workout programme, others provide a full package with nutrition plans and in-depth assessments. Consider your goals and whether a basic package will get you there. It might be worth spending a little extra.

    “I’ll pay it if I get the results in the timescale” T Barter

    “I paid up front for a block of six sessions but had flexibility when I could use them, that combination worked well for me,” K McAllister

    7 Recommendations

    A good trainer will always be happy to provide references. It’s always wise to ask around too for the little details that can tell you a lot about a trainer’s philosophy.

    “I was so pleased to get some time with my trainer – the way everyone raved about him I thought he’d be booked solid!” K Lee

    8 Attention to detail

    From correcting your posture to listening carefully – a good PT will be 100% focused on you for the duration of your session. If they’re at all distracted or careless call them on it immediately – or change trainers.

    “My trainer would text me between workouts to make sure I was eating properly. I really appreciated that she cared that much – and it kept me on track!” S Kirkwood

    9 Customer Service

    Like any business, a PT has to be professional in all their dealings with you. They should be punctual, organised, dressed appropriately (not all sweaty from a previous client) and pleasant. You have to be satisfied you’re getting value for money.

    “He would always stay an extra five minutes to answer any questions, I never felt like he was clock-watching,” K McAllister

    10 Compatibility

    A good trainer invests in you as much as you invest in them, for the best results you have to be equally committed. Most PTs will adopt the approach that works best for the client, but inevitably there can be a personality clash or an incompatibility of style. Take the time to chat and figure out if you can get on with them personally before committing to a programme.

    “I think you work harder when you don’t want to let your trainer down,” T Barter

    What did we miss? Tell us in the comments…

    And if you’re feeling all fired up and ready to choose your PT, give us a call. We do a full assessment first up to pair you with the right trainer…

    [email protected]

    +852 2851 6684

  • NEW! 9-week Bootcamp starting October

    JAB 9 week bootcamp


    We are excited to introduce our new 9 week bootcamps!

    Bigger, Stronger Group Conditioning Program

    The program is a 3-day split: 3 weight-training days with conditioning at the end of each session.

    Option 1: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 5am

    Option 2: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 6am

    (max 8 members per group)

    Week 1-3

    Finding weaknesses and building awareness

    Fixing imbalances while packing on lean muscle and gaining better awareness of your body

    Mastering the fundamentals of mobility work and weight lifting through high repetition training sessions

    Week 4-6

    Intensifying your strong base

    With weaknesses strengthened and tightness released, multi-joint, compound movements will be introduced

    Week 7-9

    Testing strength gains and focusing on using that newly built muscle to turn them into a strong engine

    Energy system, circuit based, full body, lighter weights with objective to tone up and turn that new muscle into true functional work engine


    Weigh ins and measurements

    Periodised training plan

    Nutritional handouts

    Weekly food log reviews

    COST: $5500 HKD

    If you want to work hard and see real results, drop us a line:

    [email protected]

    +852 2851 6684


  • ATOS Academy training at JAB

    Over the five-day period from the 27th till the 31st of October, we hosted our first ever BJJ camp at JAB, which was undoubtedly an immense success! We had the great privilege of hosting four black belt BJJ maestros from the ATOS Academy all the way from the land of the sport, Brazil. Along with the four professionals, Alex Cabanes, Ed Ramos, Ilke Bulut, Claudio Calasans, were our house black belts, Rodrigo, Benny and Eric, who assisted with the camp.

    Trainees had the options of coming in one to three times every day for five days straight, at either 6 a.m., 12 noon or 8 p.m. We had trainees come in from other gyms across the city, in between work hours during their lunch break, and again after work at night, with some even coming to all three sessions. There is no doubt that some solid determination and passion has been demonstrated by the Hong Kong BJJ community towards the camp, and more importantly to the sport for what it is.

    We were lucky enough to get a few minutes to catch up with returning ATOS Academy maestro to JAB, Claudio Calasans, BJJ champion and titleholder for numerous competitions, but more recently for attaining his third European Championship this year (2011, 2014, 2014). But even more recently at the Asian Opens in Japan at the start of November, he brought home two gold medals in the in the medium-heavy and the open class divisions. No words can describe the capacity of this man enough, but here are a few of his words that he shared with us:

    Calasans told us this visit makes his third trip to Hong Kong, and that he first came here only three years ago. He shares, “Since my first trip here in 2012, I have come back here every year, and even had my first seminar in Hong Kong with JAB last year! It’s always good being back! I feel like as if this is my home as well. Everyone is really friendly!” The connoisseur’s seminar last year at JAB took place over two days with only one session each day. When asked how he found this year’s visit to JAB different, he tells us, “It is very different this year. Last time it was only a seminar, but this time it is more interactive with 4 other black belt trainers of very high levels, and also Caporal and his mates, Eric and Benny from JAB. Also, it is more intensive with 5 days back to back and three full on trainings each day.”

    Calasans told us this was his first camp he has led in Asia, and that it was a very purposefully timed camp. He added, “This made it a really good preparation for us before the Asian Opens, and at the same time it helps all students in Hong Kong who came to our camp at JAB.” Two weeks after the camp, Calasans and his three other black belt partners, along with Rodrigo and seven other JAB members headed to Japan for the Asian Opens. And indeed, this did prove fruitful for us, as we had eight medals brought back by our JAB crew – likewise, the double gold for Calasans, and few more medals for his mates too!

    When asked what he felt about BJJ in Asia given this is his third training oriented-visit here, he replied, “I think the level here in Asia is really good. Every time I come here, I feel like it is an evolution of the sport.” Calasans told us he has been constantly involved in all the principal BJJ tournaments since his previous visit here a year ago, and that he has also been equally focused on training his students for competitions. To wrap up our quick interview with Calasans, he said, “I love to be here in Hong Kong and at JAB, and so I am definitely looking forward to holding another seminar and camp here!” And on an additional note to all his fans and BJJ enthusiasts, he shares “Anyone that is interested in knowing more about my career or trainings can follow me on my Facebook fan page under my name “Claudio Calasans”, or can also follow me on Instagram at “calasansjr”. OSS!”


  • Sean (Kereama) Nettle

    So we sat down with our special trainee all the way from Hamilton, New Zealand, to catch up on how his journey has been so far with his pursuit of jiujitsu, and also to catch up on how his training here at JAB has been coming along. Check out what the 16 year old has to say on this way of life he is religiously paving, OSS!

    Sean during one the multiple BJJ trainings in the day

    Sean Nettle, who is currently on his final term break before he finishes high school with his A-Levels attained, dropped by Hong Kong for two weeks of intensive training here at JAB! The 16 year-old exclaims with excitement “I have only got 4 weeks and 3 exams left to get through before I can train full time and start working towards living my dream!” His dream is not like that of most of his mates playing rugby league; instead, he wishes to pursue the BJJ Dream. Sean is not simply a wishful youngster, he came in with solid determination and commitment, explaining his daily plan over here, “I wake up and head over to JAB to train at least twice a day. It’s more like a training holiday for me.” He told us his main objective for the holiday was to train up well enough to head back and compete in an upcoming local BJJ competition back home in Hamilton.

    Not so often in today’s day and age do we come across such focused and disciplined teenagers. We asked him how he felt about spending his holiday away from his friends and he replied, “Fitting in is not my priority. As harsh as it sounds, my focus is on my own fight than on being close with other people” He no longer plays rugby league as he used to, and has been purely upping his game in martial arts since the age of thirteen. He started off under black belt, Eduardo Machado in Dubai, which is also where he met his professor for this training holiday, JAB’s very own black belt, Rodrigo Caporal. After training in Dubai till the age of fifteen, he shares, “Finding a new gym in Hamilton and getting myself to go there everyday was the biggest challenge. Especially since BJJ is not so widely practised as other forms of MMA in New Zealand, it is undeniably a task to find BJJ trainings around here, and to travel all the way to the gyms.”

    Sean let no opportunities to train in Hong Kong go to waste. Rodrigo was undeniably impressed by the youngster’s efforts; “He came to train everyday and stuck around for both sessions. His technique improved evidently day by day as he trained more. He had his mindset right both inside and outside of the gym, on the streets or at home with his family. If he continues like this, there is no doubt of him becoming a BJJ champion soon, and also a UFC champion as he says his dream is.” From JAB, we would like to wish Sean all the very best with his A-Levels and cannot wait for him to join us here again soon!

    Sean sticking round to do extra boxing training in the evening