• Andrew Wong Kee

    Andrew Wong Kee is the Managing Director and Head Trainer at JAB. He is an accomplished sportsman and martial artist having played professional rugby in Hong Kong, won a world championship title in BJJ at the Abu Dhabi World Pro Championship, and a title in amateur Boxing. He is a black belt in Kyokushinkin Karate, and a brown belt in BJJ.

    He hosts and organizes an annual white-collar MMA and boxing competition, which allows JAB members to participate in amateur boxing fights and apply their training to real life matches. Together with Rodrigo, Andrew has helped form one of the most prolific BJJ teams in Hong Kong, which has seen tremendous success in local, regional and international competitions. He has been instrumental in securing sponsorships for students in the past, enabling them to realize their dreams of becoming world champions.

    Andrew specializes in a strength and movement-based fitness training method. He is a level 2 Poliquin certified traineer, and is studying the Marinovich Training system, a unique method developed by the famed Marinovich brothers and favored by world class athletes for its emphasis on movement, balance, coordination and rhythm to bolster sports performance. He recently travelled to Santa Cruz in the U.S. to study directly under the Marinovich brothers Marv and Gary.

    Andrew is also a certified nutrition and lifestyle expert, bringing a well-rounded and holistic perspective to his training method as aBiosignature practitioner (nutrition and lifestyle coaching). He advises clients on health and wellness, which he views as a necessary complement to strength and fitness.

  • Jordan Roberts

    Jordan is a co-head Boxing coach at JAB. For the past three years, Jordan has played an instrumental role in training and coaching JAB members who wished to compete in the annual white-collar amateur boxing event hosted by JAB. In addition to being a dynamic boxer in his own right, Jordan has competed in prestigious world-level BJJ competitions, including the Abu Dhabi World Pro Trials in 2013 which gave him an all-expenses paid for trip to Abu Dhabi to participate in the Abu Dhabi World Pro Championship.

    Jordan’s specialty is in boxing training using mobility and strength techniques, which he couples with his thorough understanding of fat loss and hyper trophy programs. He has a regular client base amongst participants of prior white-collar matches. He is dedicated to helping these clients overcome the fitness challenges they face in their often desk-bound and sedentary lifestyle, encouraging them to train in strength and cardio. Jordan’s dedication, friendly demeanor and no-nonsense style of training will help you to do what it takes to reach your goals in fitness.

  • Carole Peyre

    Carole began her martial arts training in full contact Savate, a traditional French martial art which combines elements of western boxing with graceful kicking techniques. She later trained in kickboxing and Kyokushinkai, and went on to compete in international competitions in Europe, Asia and North America. She is a World Pan Amateur Kickboxing (WPKA) Championship bronze medalist, a WKSF Sanda World Championship finalist and a US Kyokushin-kai Open silver medalist.

    Carole graduated from C.R.E.P.S. Sports Institute in France (Centre de Resources, d’ Expertise et de Performance Sportives).

    Carole specializes in fitness for clients who have suffered bodily injuries and trauma.

  • Cristina Morgan

    Having grown up in Hong Kong, Cristina (Crissi) believes that health and fitness are the corner stones to a happy life (and the key to staying sane!). Cristina joined JAB in 2011 after realizing she was way more suited to a career in the fitness industry than in the corporate world. She is a certified Level 1 Cross Fit instructor and a qualified pre and post -natal trainer.

    A former competitive swimmer and athlete, Cristina knows what it takes to achieve your goals and uses that knowledge to get results for her clients. She combines the best of what she has learned through her qualifications with her own training experience to develop sessions that are varied and challenging. She delivers personal training programs for individuals and small groups as well as taking JAB’s lunchtime High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes.

    I cannot recommend Cristina’s personal training sessions highly enough. I have been working with Cristina for two years now, and have seen a huge improvement in my physical fitness levels. Her sessions are a perfect mix of strength and cardio training, tailored to my personal strengths and weaknesses. Cristina pushes me beyond what I had thought were my limits while keeping a careful eye on form and execution so that I am always getting the most out of my workouts. This makes my time with Cristina particularly challenging and rewarding. Her relaxed attitude and wealth of knowledge keep the workouts interesting and fun – she is fantastic to work with. James Banghart (Personal Training client)

  • Katherine Toong

    Katherine has played competitive soccer and performed on the world stage in Irish dance for 18 years. After retiring from her years in competition, Katherine shifted her goals to strength training and physical conditioning.

    Combining her knowledge of strength training for sports and teaching competitive dance, Katherine has a versatile ability to adapt to many individual’s fitness training goals.She is a PICP level I & II strength coach, and aT.C.R.G (Ireland) certified Irish dance teacher. She is also a Poliquin certified trainer.

    Katherine specializes in developing diverse workout programs designed to help her clients meet their fitness goals, whether it be focused on weights or running conditioning circuits.

  • Richard Wicks

    Richard is a Heilpraktiker (Natural Therapist) licensed by German Medical Council. He is a regional expert for visceral manipulation and Fascia Therapy.

    He is a Marital Artist with over thirty years experience, he takes the route of healer and was certified by the German ministry of health as a Heilpraktiker (Natural Doctor) and as a Clinical Massage Physical Therapist. After working in a state clinic and in private practice in Germany, he moved to Hong Kong in 2008. Richard has 20 years of experience working with the body professionally as a Kung Fu Master and as a therapist. Richard is trained in “Post Graduate Osteopathic Fascia Release” with specific training in Visceral manipulation with the Barral institute, and the Institute for Holistic Health Care in Hong Kong.

    Recently Richard was working in Shanghai and Hong Kong as a consultant to doctors, where he developed a deeper understanding in the relationship of internal organs to joint and back pain. Richard specializes in Soft Tissue Fascia Techniques. This means applying a gentle, safe, hands-on technique, in returning the structural integrity of the body. These techniques customised according to the patients needs. Richard believes in a multi-disciplinary approach to establish a strong constitution in clients to build fundamental resilience for body mind and spirit.

    What can you expect from a consultation with Richard?
    Richard is focused on finding the cause of dysfunction. This involves a thorough evaluation and structural analysis to develop and treatment plan. Treatments options include:
    Soft Tissue Osteopathy
    Cranio-Sacral therapy
    Visceral Manipulation
    Myofascial Release
    Yuen Method

    A treatment will generally involve light gentle touches or manipulation on viscera or on muscles and joints. After a treatment, it is recommended the client should drink lots of water to rehydrate the tissues which have been stretched.

    The goal of the treatment is to physically align the body to improve metabolism, detoxification, regeneration, vitality and healing.